Contemporary leather goods for life.
Materials & Care
Hand-made Products

All of our products are carefully handmade. Please expect some small variations from one product to another.

Vegetable tanned leather

We are using high quality vegetable-tanned cow leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Since we have a huge respect for animals, we always use it thoughtfully in a way that enables the usage of the whole hide. Field Day products are made to last and they only get better with time and wear.


Our brass buttons are made out of solid brass and they’re custom-made for us.


We use rubber holders in our eyewear straps. They make it easy to attach our eyewear straps to your spectacles or sunglasses of all sizes. The rubber holders in our eyewear straps are always replaceable.


With proper care and maintenance leather will age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina over time and use.

Please note the following when using leather products: hot, dry air dries out the leather. If the product gets wet, let it dry slowly in regular room temperature. Do not place it near a radiator or attempt to in any other way speed up the drying process. If the product gets dirty, rinse it carefully with a moist cloth and, if necessary, apply mild soap. After cleaning, it is important to apply some leather cream, which nourishes and protects the leather and helps it retain moisture.